"I'm 1/2 there for you, 1/2 there for yoga, 100% there for the jamz." MARY CLAIRE C.

"I couldn't speak more highly of this lovely woman or be more grateful for her presence in Prospect Park this summer.  She teaches from within and her positive energy makes everyone shine.  I can’t wait to continue with her on her journey." –HILAH W. 

"Nina has quickly become one of my favorite people and yoga instructors because of her teaching style and beautiful personality. She has a way of quieting discomforts, empowering, energizing through amazing playlists and power poses while making you laugh inwardly and outwardly. She has a creative outlook and prepares thoughtful, guided experiences, making every flow fun and unique. I feel such an amazing sense of joy in her presence and look forward to all of her classes. I highly recommend checking her out if you love music,
positive energy and laughter. You will not be disappointed!" 

"Nina leads from her soul. Her genuine love for yoga and dedication to the wellness of others comes through in her classes. Yoga has never been my favorite, but with Nina, I'd follow her flow any day. She couples mindful movements with current, upbeat music that allows me the time to explore what I need in each pose–even if that means bringing a little dance to my warrior. And smiling. I smile so much in her class. Class with her is magnetic and challenging in a way that is obtainable and powerful. In other classes I would pray for Savasana, but in Nina's class, I get bummed when Savasana comes because I never want to admit class is over."  –JESSICA D.


ClassPass <3

"This teacher is LOVE!!! So good. I was very challenged and took a lot of breaks. She came over to give me a little massage twice. She knew exactly what I needed. Amazing! And good music too!"

"Nina's Saturday class is EVERYTHING!"  

"Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Worked out. Such a good sweat and the instructor had wonderful energy! Will come back."

"Very hot. Very good."  

"This is the most relaxing yoga class EVER while simultaneously being challenging (great ab work) The music and the guidance from Nina is tops!" 

"Challenging, but also accessible for all levels." 

"Nina is an awesome instructor! Her music is great and she is good at helping with adjustments. Overall, I look forward to this class every week. Fabulous!!"